Reborn Baby Doll Bottles

Reborn Baby Doll Bottles
These were our first reborn doll bottles.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Reborn Baby Doll Fake Juice Bottles - How to Choose

Every reborn baby doll needs a variety of accessories.  Reborn baby fake/ faux juice bottles are one of the most popular accessories.

The fake juice bottles are filled with some type of juice colored liquid. This is typically water and food dyes or paint, but as with the fake milk, there are a variety of methods used by different people.  The nipples are either sealed with clear silicone or the liquid is stopped before reaching the nipple using a sealing disk or other similar method. The bottles are then permanently sealed using a strong adhesive and are ready for use.  Like any other PROP that is used for baby dolls, these bottles need to be used with care.  Keep your reborn props away from small children, or closely supervise them to ensure misuse or damage does not occur.

This is our 10 oz Nuk Reborn Baby Bottle with Matching Nuk Magnetic Pacifier.  It is filled with about 10 ounces of fake formula apple juice.  The bottle is sealed at the neck so the fluid does not flow into the bottle.  You can buy this by clicking here. 

You can make your own juice bottles by purchasing any type of normal baby bottle.  You will need a strong, permanent glue and something to place between the screw-on lid (typically a strong Glad wrap or even the disk that comes with some of the bottles, or a clear waterproof silicone if sealing the nipple.  You can then experiment with the types of liquid you would like to add.  There are formulas available online, especially on You Tube for apple juice, grape juice and fruit punch.  These videos can be very helpful, but you will likely get better at it with a little trial and error.

It's great to do your own, but it can be time-consuming. Sometimes it's easiest just to purchase one that is already made for you. There are many different choices out there, you are sure to find a bottle you like! Some of the choices we offer are animal prints (giraffe, zebra, & leopard), dots in various colors, tie dye swirls or hearts, latex with pastel colors, and may more! To view our reborn baby doll bottles, please click here ----> Click Me!

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